SCV Man and Woman of the Year

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Welcome to SCV Man and Woman of the Year

Dear Friends of the Santa Clarita Valley:


The 51st Annual Premier Volunteer Recognition Event, 2016 Santa Clarita Valley Man and Woman of the Year dinner, will be held at 6:00 p.m., on Friday, May 6, 2016, at the Hyatt Valencia.


The purpose of the Santa Clarita Valley Man and Woman of the Year Recognition is to honor men and women who have given outstanding volunteer service to the Santa Clarita Valley area.

~ Individual volunteer services must be given to a group or organization that is a designated 501(c)(3), community service organization.

~ Volunteer service is defined by long-time community commitment (not work related).

~ Volunteer service includes, but is not limited to, the years of volunteer service, the type of service, and the impact of the service that was provided to multiple local organizations.


The Committee, of previous honorees, will select the Man and Woman of the Year from the nominees submitted.

1.You can nominate up to two (2) volunteers, one man and/or one woman.

2.The criteria used by the Committee are weighted as follows:

~ Volunteer effort (sweat equity) – 50 points

~ Years of service – 20 points

~ Number of 501(c)(3) organizations this individual has served – 20 points

~ Other (in-kind, financial, etc.) – 10 points


A nomination form can be found [here].


A recognition party will be held Wednesday, March 16 2016, to recognize and honor the nominees and their organizations.

The nominees, their significant others, and the executive directors of the nominating organizations, will be invited. More information will follow.

Nomination applications are due by Monday, February 1, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. All nominations will be acknowledged. We look forward to your participation.



Leon Worden and Sue Endress

2015 Man and Woman of the Year

Past Recipients:

1964 A.B. Perkins

1965 George Harris

1966 William Bonelli, Jr.

1968 Bill Kohlmeier

1969 Chuck Hendrickson

1970 Ed Bolden & Olive Ruby

1972 Bill Millsap & Bobbie Trueblood Davis

1973 Rev. Sam Dixon & Jerreann Bowman

1974 Judge C.M. MacDougal & Flo Chesebrough

1975 Rene Veluzat & Connie Worden Roberts

1976 Dick Millar & Joyce Wayman

1977 Steve Hall & Sara Faye Wood

1978 Dan Hon & Juanita Heinley

1979 John Fuller & Anne Lynch

1980 Judge Adrian Adams & Betty Pember

1981 Fred Trueblood, III & Margret Schulte

1983 Sam Garcia & Barbara Stearns Cochran

1984 Milt Diamond & Jo Anne Darcy

1985 Tony Newhall & Carmen Sarro

1986 Larry Margolis & Mary Spring

1987 Frank Lorelli & Ruth Newhall

1988 Tom Veloz & Betty Castleberry

1989 Dick Keysor & Jami Kennedy

1990 Lou Garasi & Rita Garasi

1991 Jack Boyer & Ruth Clark

1992 Clyde Smyth & Catherine Clark

1993 Stan Sierad & Betty Burke Oldfield

1994 Alan Barbakow & Pat Allen

1995 Sheldon Allen & Laurene Weste-McCarthy

1996 Chuck Clark & Charlotte Kleeman

1997 George Pederson & Pat Warford

1998 Bob Kellar & Roberta Veloz

1999 John Hoskinson & Pat Willett

2000 Tom Lee & Betty Seldner

2001 Steve Schmidt & Joyce Carson

2002 Frank Kleeman & Adele Macpherson

2003 Duane Harte & Linda Pedersen

2004 Don Fleming & Cheri Fleming

2005 Gary E. Condie & Jeri Seratti-Goldman

2006 Michael Berger & Diana Cusumano

2007 Greg Nutter & Jeanna Crawford

2008 Carl Goldman & Judy Penman

2009 Greg Amsler & Nancy Coulter

2010 Wayne Crawford & Mary Ann Colf

2011 Harry Bell & Candy Spahr

2012 Tom Dierckman & Myrna Condie

2013 Steve Sturgeon & Elizabeth Hopp

2014 William Lively & Cheryl Gray

2015 Leon Worden & Sue Endress